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Hendricks County Tox Away Day

It’s that time of year for Indiana residents of Hendricks County to safely dispose of their hazardous items! 

Saturday, August 29th from 8am- 1pm at the Hendricks County Fairgrounds residents can dispose of their toxic items like paint, batteries, automotive fluids, pool chemicals and pesticides.

Please note this is for Hendricks County residents and they must show proof of residency to dispose of items.  Residents of other counties in the Indianapolis area are invited to check out their counties website for their designated Tox Drop days. 

Feel free to see our past blog about links to other ounties: http://blog.indianapolisdumpsterrental.net/2015/02/where-can-i-properly-dispose-of.html
Other problem wastes will be accepted as well however there may be a small fee to dispose of them.
These items include: televisions, appliances and tires. 

Unsure of what will be accepted or not as part of the Tox Away Day we invite you to check out their website at:

We at Bin There Dump That take great pride in recycling and saving the planet.  We ask that you be conscious when disposing of hazardous items and remind you they are never permitted in any of our dumpsters.
As always if you have any questions of what can or can not be put in one of our dumpsters we ask that you call the office at 317-590-1973.