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Is it Time to Park the Dump Trailer?

See why this Indianapolis contractor parked his dump trailer and now uses the clean and green Bin There Dump That dumpsters for all his junk removal and construction waste needs.

One thing to think about as contractors when using a dump trailer is the extra cost associated with maintaining it.  Costs can add up for repairs and general expenses such as:

•   Buying New or Replacing Tires
•   Replacing the brakes
•   Fixing cracked welds
•   Licensing the Trailer
•   Insuring the Trailer
•   Having the appropriate size truck to haul the trailer
•   General trailer maintenance 

Having added up all these cost, not to mention having to pay an employee to drive the trailer to the waste facility, pay the disposal fees and losing man hours on the job site the choice is simple to let the professionals at Bin There Dump That Indianapolis handle your junk removal and waste management needs.

Contractors if you need to park your dump trailer, we invite you to learn more about the benefits of using our clean and green dumpsters!  
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